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1.0 This warranty provided by the manufacturer does not adversely affect the statutory rights of the
purchaser against the seller and gives remedies in addition to those against the seller under the contract of sale. Claims by the purchaser, in particular for a defect on a chargepoint, against the selling Andersen distributor remain unaffected by the warranty.

Muller EV Limited (here in after called “Andersen”) and its successors in title, warrants for charge points of their manufacture:

36 months, from the date the chargepoint is delivered to the original purchaser by the authorised
distributor, as stated in the service booklet.

1.1. Duration of the 3 year parts warranty
Andersen undertakes that each new chargepoint supplied there on by Andersen as original equipment will be free from defect in material or workmanship under normal use and service for an unlimited time period. The 3 year parts warranty is fully transferable between different owners of the chargepoint. The 3 year parts warranty commences from the date the chargepoint is delivered by the Andersen Retailer to the 1st owner of the charge point.

1.2. Coverage of the Warranty
The warranty applies to free of charge repair of the chargepoint by an Andersen Authorised Repairer, i.e. Andersen obligations under this warranty being limited to repairing or replacing at its option any parts by a Andersen Authorised Repairer. The repair or replacement of defective parts under this undertaking will be made by the Authorised Repairer to whom the chargepoint is returned, free of charge to the customer.

For the parts fitted during a repair, until expiry of the warranty limitation according to Paragraph 1.0 the same warranty is given as for the chargepoint, i.e. the warranty is not extended by the repair or replacement of parts even for the parts rectified or replaced. Replaced parts become the property of Andersen.

The Warranty cover is dependent upon confirmation that the chargepoint has been serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended servicing schedules using genuine Andersen parts or parts of equal quality.

Andersen reserves the right to appoint its own engineer to inspect the chargepoint prior to any repair or replacement of part(s) covered.

Andersen at its discretion may elect to agree with the purchaser a value for the chargepoint in case the parts and labour cost of the repair exceeds the economic value of the chargepoint, or in case the parts are no longer available.

All components are covered by the 36 months warranty.

1.4 Data protection
Muller Ev has a privacy policy that can be consulted here

The activation and validation of the Lifetime Warranty requires Andersen to maintain personal data of the purchaser.
Retailers and companies working on behalf of Andersen (Muller EV Limited), will never sell your information on.