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Meet Kønnect + our smart technology. Available in all our charge points as standard. Instantly see the cost of every charge. Kønnect tracks and remembers your electric vehicles charging behaviour.


Solar Assist

Charge for free using only the green energy you generate

Schedule Charges

Schedule your charges to automatically start and stop at times where energy is cheapest

Your charging data stays safely in the cloud

We encrypt our connections and user data storage to protect your information.

  128-bit Encryption  Multi-Factor Auth  Private Connections
  • Weekly charge report
  • Network disconnection notifications
  • Error messages
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • WiFi-enabled
  • Detailed reporting charts
  • Cost breakdowns can be viewed on a daily/ weekly/ monthly basis
  • Choose to charge using only the green energy you generate
  • Flexible solar charging using a 5 stage dial
  • See what your home and car are consuming in real-time

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