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We have a skilled team of in-house engineers conducting installs all across Mainland UK. Our installations benefit from a 3-year warranty as standard


Here is a quick glance at what to expect when choosing our Andersen installation service.
We make getting an Andersen charger installed a simple and straightforward process.


The Quotation Phase:

When a customer purchases an Andersen charger online, they can include installation within their order. Andersen’s in-house installation team will build a tailored quotation for the install based on the results of an installation site surveyThe installation will proceed only when the customer is fully aware of all costs involved and agreed to address the non-standard elements of the install.

Every property is different! By surveying your property this allows our engineers to design the installation around your needs. We conduct the installation survey in the following ways:


A physical survey will include an Andersen engineer coming to a customer’s property to carry out the survey in person at a pre-arranged time.


Customers opting for an online survey will receive a remote online survey to complete. Upload images and videos for our engineer to assess.

By completing a site survey we can determine how straightforward your installation is.

We use the following criteria to determine the complexity of the install and build a tailored quotation for you:

The length of the cable run:

Our engineers will take the supply of your charging point either from your energy meter or fuse board. The longer the distance the more complicated the install.


Whether Civil Works are required:

Our in-house team of engineers do not carry out civil engineering works such as trenching, digging, ducting, etc. These must be complete prior to our engineer’s arrival. Our team will provide some specifications for the completion of the works.


Electrical Requirements:

Each home is different. Our engineers take into account the existing electrical system within your home. We measure the property’s energy demand and install your charger within current electrical regulations.


The Time spent on site:

Generally, EV charger installations take around 3-4 hours. Depending on the complexity of the installation this may increase. Our engineers will let you know if the installation project will take longer and quote accordingly.


The number of Engineers needed:

Most installations can be completed by one of our engineers. A second or third may be needed if heavy lifting or working at height are required. Larger projects over multiple days may have more than one engineer to speed up the installation.


Installations start from:


For a 7kW (Single-Phase) installation


For a 22kW (three-phase) installation

Non-standard installations may incur additional fees in addition to the above

The majority of our Installations fall within our standard Installation Criteria